A girls’ girl

Before I became half of a couple, I disdained the pseudo-holiday that Valentine’s Day is. Then for a few dreamy years I was showered with flowers and mush… And then, this year, I wasn’t half of a couple anymore. Yet somehow I didn’t notice the build-up to this Valentine’s Day, and even much of the day itself, although I saw giddy girls carrying roses everywhere around town.

I made a new friend this morning; she was a friend’s friend looking for a church, so I invited her to try mine. And we had brunch, and talked as if we were old friends, after the morning service. Then I did a couple of errands before meeting a girl friend and her visiting mother to watch Brooklyn, the movie. And then I took my flat mate and her son to dinner. And my heart is grateful, and full.

Of course I wonder that I will be half of a couple again, that a man will hold my hand in his and make me believe that together we can conquer the world. But also, today, I knew that I can also conquer the world with my girl squad. Between Brooklyn and dinner, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that my girl friends are the best support group and surrogate family I didn’t even ask for. I was – and am – happy to be a girls’ girl.

“Of course Brooklyn is a date movie”, the friend I watched it with said, when she was trying yesterday to convince another girl friend to join us. What struck us, though, while we were watching, was the immigrant, fresh-off-the-boat theme. “How OFW!”, she commented. The scene where Saoirse Ronan loses it after reading her first letter from home – I lived that heartache every time mom called or messaged me my first month here. And the scene where she takes a new girl under her wing, because another girl had done the same for her, I learned that immigrant’s-pay-it-forward tradition, too. That’s how the bonds of my surrogate family -slash- girl squad were solidified.

Happy Valentine’s Day, girls! Here’s another poster of Brooklyn, just because it’s so pretty.

PS And I did receive a Valentine’s Day present (although I think it was meant for Christmas) – my sweet friend Pierra’s signed book landed in my hands today 🙂



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