Only the One whose timing is perfect can do this…

“May the God who “became flesh and took up residence among us” shine His light on our faces (John 1:14). May we reflect His goodness and mercy. When people look at us, may they see the glow of God’s glory.”

The day that this reading ( came, the thing I had been waiting for these past few months happened. Talk about perfect timing. 

I still hear Fanny Ardant’s distinctive voice and accent from the 1995 remake of the movie Sabrina when I think of these words:

“Illusions are dangerous people. They have no flaws. I came here from Provence, alone and uneducated. For eight months — no, more than that: a year, I sat in a cafe, I drank my coffee and wrote nonsense in a journal. And then somehow it was not nonsense. I went for long walks and met myself in Paris.”


I was feeling whiny about long, solitary walks but when I was looking at the trails I’ve trod, I realised how much I have to be thankful for instead. And so I am grateful.