Turn it upside down…


Because I’m truly (finally!) Down Under, I’m taking liberties with this popular expression and turning it on its head.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere” is an excuse to enjoy a tipple at a socially unacceptable hour – cocktails at noon? Well, I do actually live in a country where great wines and beers are made. But who said that that “five o’clock” had to be PM?

My mama used to wake up at five AM to do her quiet time. Then at six, she’d come to my room and wake me up with a reading of Our Daily Bread. When I first moved out on my own – to another country, no less – I found an online version of Our  Daily Bread that I could play after my alarm clock rang. It used to jar me awake to hear a man’s voice, not my mama’s, read the reflection and Scripture and then pray, but hey, I found it comforting to start my day that way.

I’m not a morning person the way my mama is. Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee, and even then, I start my first couple of hours really slowly (as in, I’m literally slow on the uptake!). I’ve learned, especially with Bible studies that involve writing down answers or reflections, that my lunch break (or just after, before my mind gets refocused on work), is the optimum time for me to absorb the Word. So it’s not five AM for me. But it’s five o’clock somewhere, which means I’m still kind of in time … and anyway, He is the Sovereign God who controls time, and “a thousand years in [His] sight are like a day that has just gone by.”


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