This week on… Hymns

This week, as I soaked in the second round of Hymns on She Reads Truth I was reminded that Jesus put the song in my heart.

Jesus Put The Song in My Heart is a song from the fourth album of Psalty the Singing SongbookKids Praise 4: Singsational Servants. It was sung by Charity Churchmouse, after she was rescued from the evil clutches of Mousetrap Records.

Were you a Kids Praise kid? I so was. My first exposure to my home church’s children’s choir was because they needed a well-behaved toddler-aged girl to sit on a sled throughout a song in a Christmas cantata, but I became a full-fledged chorister in a Kids Praise musical. A lot of the Scripture that remains in my memory is because of Kids Praise songs. Until my teen years, I was obsessed with Psalty’s albums; they supplied my repertoire that last afternoon I sang to my grandmother as she lay comatose in her hospital bed. She would be gone the next day. I was 12.

I was so blessed to pay forward that joy of singing praises that a Kids Praise kid gets not once, but twice when I was in youth group – to a summer theatre workshop and then to my home church when we revived the defunct children’s choir.

Then becoming an adult in a foreign land happened, and I forgot how it was to be a Kids Praise Kid. Sad to say, even when I was teaching a junior children’s choir for a season. But as I prayed Be Thou My Vision, rejoiced because His Eye is on the Sparrow, learned about Thy Mercy, My God, was reminded about O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, and called to have O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing (especially this one! – because how can I not sing about how God has warmed my heart?) throughout the week, I remembered to sing. Sing like a child. Sing from the heart. Sing, even a joyful noise. I haven’t got a thousand tongues, but I can sing a thousand songs – even at one song a day, but let’s be honest I do more than that during a karaoke party, so I can definitely do more! – to praise Him. As long as there is breath in me, for “let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6), I ought to sing.





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